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Meet the Team

2024 Toronto Festival Organizers

Erika Garcia.JPG.jpeg

Erika Garcia

Festival Manager

Cynthia Roberts (2).jpg

Cynthia Roberts-Pérez

Outreach Manager

Erica Effah Headshot.jpg

Erica Effah

Marketing & Communication Lead, Erica Tiwaa Agency


Gabriela Ayala

Website Designer

Steering Committee

The Jane's Walk Toronto Steering Committee is a voluntary group overseeing Jane's Walk Toronto on the MakeWay platform. Founded by key figures from the inaugural Jane's Walks in 2006, the Committee serves as the global project custodian, facilitating conversations among Jane’s Walk City Organizers worldwide and engaging with Jane Jacobs' surviving family and friends.


They play a pivotal role in guiding the principles and practical aspects of leading a Jane's Walk, showcasing a deep commitment to community engagement and preserving the movement's spirit. Through collaborative efforts, the Committee ensures the continued success and growth of Jane's Walk, contributing to a legacy of community-driven urban exploration.

To learn more about the Steering Committee members and  the Jane's Walk global experience, click here.

Adam Roy Cohoon
Ashley Mcdonough

Cassandra Alves

Carlos Aranhas

Geraldine Cahill

Jenny Foster

Jiya Benni

Nadia Halim

Priya Pinjani

Sarah Luca

Selam Eyob


Celia Beketa



Wesley Reibeling


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