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Parks, PATH, Waterfront and a Well

Nicolas Bello

Step into the heart of Toronto with an 8KM walk that blends the best of downtown and the waterfront. From revitalized parks to historic indoor spaces and Lake Ontario's refreshing breeze, this journey culminates at the innovative Well complex at Front/Spadina.

During this walk you'll explore:
- The evolution of Toronto's PATH, connecting over 70 buildings through extensive tunnels and walkways.
- Freshly updated parks and hidden indoor gems, starting from Wellesley Station and weaving through the PATH to the waterfront.
- The Well, Toronto's latest development, marking the end of our walk and the start of your personal exploration.

Join us for this adventure to see Toronto's transformation and hidden stories.

Walk Start:

Wellesley Subway Station entrance. By the Presto kiosks

The Well. 486 Front St W. Spadina/Front streetcar stop

Walk End:

Date: May 3

6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.




Architecture and Urban Planning
History and Places


Stairs or other barriers, busy sidewalks, indoor stops, family-friendly walk, walk leader will use audio amplification.

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