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The Alternative Campus Tour

L. Anders Sandberg

The Alternative Campus Tour is based on the idea of thinking critically about different sites and aspects of the university campus; to dig where you stand; to see the campus as a microcosm of the world; and to imagine and record alternative stories about it.

This Tour explores 23 different sites and features on and around campus, ranging from gardens, sculptures, Indigenous sites, woodlots, and the names of buildings and faculties. The Jane’s Tour will visit a selection of sites and encourages participants to think critically about the stuff that we pass by in the everyday and that in subtle and subversive ways influence our thinking and actions.

Details: Will wear black cap and wave flag.

Walk Start:

York University Subway Station.

York University Subway Station.

Walk End:

Date: May 3

2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m




Advocacy and Politics, Arts and Culture, Environment and Sustainability, History and Places, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, People and Communities, Transit and Accessibility.


Breaks encouraged, Family-friendly walk, Walk content may be triggering.

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