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Bentway Microclimate Walk

Aftab Mirzaei

In architecture, microclimates connect design parameters such as building height, angle, and orientation to light, wind velocity, air quality, and human comfort. In this walk, we set out to get to know the microclimates across the Bentway, and look at how they emerge between particular configurations of people, things, feelings, and places.

Together we will consider physical, social, psychological, human and non-human factors, and record these pieces through drawing, sound recording, text, and images. Our alternative (and patchy?) microclimate report will be compiled into a map that will tell the story of the Bentway during that moment, on that day.

This walk is inspired by a microclimate study conducted this winter by students from the Department of Architectural Sciences at the Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), and Celeste Meledath. While I rely on some of the same ideas, my hope is to use more "analog" and "subjective" methods of sensing, as opposed to relying on quantitative data/analysis.

Details: I will use a large balloon to identify myself.

Walk Start:

Bentway Studio/ Spadina and Fort York.

Bentway Studio/ Spadina and Fort York.

Walk End:

Aftab Mirzaei

Date: May 4





Architecture and Urban Planning, Environment and Sustainability, Lived experiences and personal perspectives.


Uneven terrain, Stairs or other barriers, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk.

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