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Habitat Histories of High Park

Kat & Aira

Ever wonder why High Park and Toronto have such sandy soils? Or how such a large park came to exist in a growing city like Toronto?

Join us for a Jane’s Walk through High Park as we learn about its natural and human histories and wonder about its future in the heart of the fastest growing city in North America.

Due the the environmental sensitivity of High Park, we need to limit the size of the group and registration is required.

Please register on our website at

Walk Start:

High Park Nature Centre, 375 Colborne Lodge Drive.

High Park Nature Centre.

Walk End:

Kat & Aira

Date: May 4

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.




Environment and Sustainability
History and Places


Uneven terrain, stairs or other barriers, breaks encouraged, busy sidewalks, family-friendly walk.

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