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Karma Coop: A Story of Toronto Activism and Local Food Ecosystems

Bob Biderman, Andrea Dawber, Paul Decampo/Zach Weingarten

Retrace the steps of Jane Jacobs on her Saturday morning walk to Karma Coop from her long-time home at 69 Albany Avenue. This journey not only takes us through the historical paths she once walked but also delves into the story of Karma's inception, highlighting the many Toronto activists, including Jacobs herself, who were pivotal members. Discover the ongoing issues shaping our city and meet today's activist members who continue to drive change.

Our walk includes a visit to the Rose Garden, dedicated to Jane Jacobs by Grassroots Albany, symbolizing the community's enduring respect and admiration for her work. We'll then proceed to Karma Coop, where we'll explore the critical role of local food ecosystems and the impact of food activism.

Jane Jacobs famously stated, "we need a Karma Coop in every neighbourhood" — join us to uncover the reasons behind her belief and the legacy that continues to inspire community activism and sustainable living.

Walk Start:

Sidewalk in front of 69 Albany Avenue. Bloor & Bathurst/Bloor subway station.

Karma Coop. 739 Palmerston Avenue in Karma Lane. Bloor & Bathurst/Bathurst subway station.

Walk End:

Bob Biderman, Andrea Dawber, Paul Decampo/Zach Weingarten

Date: May 4

1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
3:00 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.




Advocacy and Politics
Architecture and Urban Planning
Environment and Sustainability
Lived experiences and personal perspectives
People and Communities


Uneven terrain, breaks encouraged, busy sidewalks, indoor stops, dog-friendly walk, family-friendly walk, dogs can rest outside by the picnic table during the indoor talk & tour at Karma Coop.

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