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Parkdale housing - housing as a right

Tendon Dongtosang, Bob Rose, John Doherty

According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights Article 25, housing is a right of all people however no such explicit right exists in Canada. In Parkdale, residents and community groups have asserted their right to housing through organizing, direct actions and legal reform initiatives over the decades.

Through the years, people have built housing co-ops, developed community ownership of housing, formed tenants’ organizations, launched rent strikes and pressed for better housing standards, rent controls and direct government building of housing.

This walking tour will tell the story of the work of people in Parkdale to secure decent, affordable and healthy homes. The walk will be led by people who have participated in housing campaigns. Come visit the sites, hear from people involved; add your knowledge and experiences!

The tour will start outside the Parkdale branch of the Toronto Public Library, beside the globe sculpture. The walk will be between one and a half to 2 hours and will cover the distance of about 3.7 km.

The walk will end at the Danu Social House 1237 Queen St West. We will have a chance to debrief and talk about what we have seen and discussed on the walk. Bruce Davis from Public Progress will speak at the Danu about policy and other initiatives to create quality, safe, affordable housing.

The tour leaders will be Tendon Dongtosang, Bob Rose, and John Doherty.

Walk Start:

Parkdale, 1303 Queen Street West at Cowan.

Danu Social House, 1237 Queen Street West, on the southside, just west of Gwynne Avenueof Gw.

Walk End:

Tendon Dongtosang, Bob Rose, John Doherty

Date: May 4

1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.




Advocacy and Politics, History and Places, People and Communities.


Busy sidewalks.

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