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The Near Death and Life of Guild Park

John Mason - President, Friends of Guild Park

Dive into the resilience and transformation of Toronto's Guild Park & Gardens, a place that stood at the brink of a near death experience over a decade ago. This 80-minute guided walk and talk will show you how a dedicated group of local volunteers breathed new life into the heart of Guildwood Village, turning "demolition by neglect" into a story of revival.

During this walk you'll have the opportunity to:
- Discover the power of community advocacy, inspired by Jane Jacobs, that kickstarted the park's renewal.
- Explore the historic park nestled on the Scarborough Bluffs, learning about its near-death experience and the journey to its revival.
- Hear firsthand how an effective collaborative voice among locals sparked a significant change, transforming the park into a thriving public space once more.

Join us to uncover the remarkable tale of Guild Park & Gardens, where community action and historic preservation meet the beauty of nature. 

Walk Start:

201 Guildwood Pkwy. Front gates of Guild Park & Gardens. Bus stop for TTC Route 116 in front of park.

Guild Park's front gates (same as start point).

Walk End:

John Mason - President, Friends of Guild Park

Date: May 4

10:00 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.




Advocacy and Politics
Arts and Culture
Environment and Sustainability
History and Places
People and Communities


Uneven terrain, family-friendly walk, limited public washrooms, no food service on-site.

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