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Why Sidewalks Matter

Lee Scott & Maryam Siddiq

Beyond connecting us to work, shops, and leisure, sidewalks are urban lifelines that foster community, improve life quality, and add uniqueness to our journeys.

Join us for a walk on the newly installed complete street section of Yonge Street to consider how elements of sidewalk design can improve, or possibly hinder, pedestrian movement and urban life.

Walk Start:

Rosedale. Yonge Street & Crescent Road. (Yonge Street entrance to Ramsden Park, just south of Ramsden Park Road.)

Deer Park. Yonge Street & St. Clair Ave.

Walk End:

Lee Scott & Maryam Siddiq

Date: May 4

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.




Advocacy and Politics
Architecture and Urban Planning
Lived experiences and personal perspectives
People and Communities


Uneven terrain, breaks encouraged, busy sidewalks.

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