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Birkdale Ravine: Restoring the Ravine

Sandra Bill

In this walk we will be talking about the beautiful Toronto Nature Stewards site, Birkdale Ravine, and our ongoing efforts to bring back biodiversity in the form of reintroducing native plants, in order to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

We will highlight the native plants already present, and those that have been recently reintroduced to the ravine.

Our stops will include native trees such as white and red oaks as well as woodland plants like Canada anemone and mayapples.

We want to share our love of native plants that support our pollinators and all other forms of wildlife that live in the ravine.

Through restoration work such as this, we are helping reverse the declining populations of insects, birds, and all creatures that live in our parks and ravines.

Details: I will be hiding a butterfly shaped sign and have a Toronto Nature Steward hat.

Walk Start:

Birkdale Community Centre 1299 Ellesmere Rd. near Brimley Rd. and Ellesmere Rd.

Scarborough Centre just west of Brimley Rd. And Ellesmere Rd.

Walk End:

Date: May 5

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.




Environment and Sustainability.


Uneven terrain, Family-friendly walk.

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