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Bridging Futures: Exploring Housing Affordability and Community in Regent Park

Walied Khogali Ali, Ismail Afrah and Shana Omar

Join us for an enlightening walking tour of Regent Park, where we delve into the heart of Toronto’s housing crisis and explore groundbreaking solutions that challenge traditional market-driven approaches. This tour, titled "Bridging Futures: Exploring Housing Affordability and Community in Regent Park," is designed to ignite passion and action towards understanding and solving the housing affordability issues facing one of Toronto’s most diverse neighborhoods.

As we walk through the evolving landscape of Regent Park, we will discuss the critical role of city bylaw OPA558, which advocates for housing affordability based on income rather than market forces, affirming housing as a fundamental human right. We will share the transformative stories from Phases 1-3, including the pioneering Home Ownership program that secured housing affordability for 17 tenants of Toronto Community Housing. These stories not only highlight the successes but also the lessons learned and the innovative solutions that remain unexplored.

Content Overview:
Our journey will begin with an overview of the investments made in the Regent Park Social Development Plan during Phases 1-4, highlighting the significant contributions from the city, including $2.5 million, and the commitment of $26.8 million from the for profit developer - Tridel for the upcoming Phases 4 & 5. These investments underscore the community’s growing needs and the foundational support provided to grassroots organizations serving Regent Park.

A critical discussion point will be the implementation of bylaw OPA558. This bylaw redefines housing affordability for both rentals and homeownership based on income, providing a more inclusive framework that supports diverse economic backgrounds.

Stops and Landmarks:

1. Daniel Spectrum Building - Starting point and home of the Regent Park Social Development Plan and the Regent Park Neighborhood Association (RPNA). Here, we will explore the hub of community planning and the impact of collective efforts on shaping policy and practice in housing. We shall also visit the Regent Park Café, a social enterprise supported by the Regent Park Neighborhood Association.

2. Local Grassroots Organization Spaces - We will visit spaces at Daniel Spectrum occupied by grassroots organizations to discuss their role in community support and development, emphasizing the tangible impacts of financial and policy investments on their operational effectiveness.

Details: We shall be wearing yellow RPNA t-shirts and nametags at the ground floor meeting spot at Daniel Spectrum.

Walk Start:

585 Dundas Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2B7- Dundas St East at Regent Park Blvd Stop ID: 15872 - Resource: - Transit Stop

585 Dundas Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2B7- Dundas St East at Regent Park Blvd Stop ID: 15872 - Resource: - Transit Stop

Walk End:

Date: May 5

3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.




Advocacy and Politics, Architecture and Urban Planning, Environment and Sustainability, History and Places, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, People and Communities.


Family-friendly walk.

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