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PhotoMojo goes to CONTACT: See differently. Make better photographs.

Margaux Yiu

Do you struggle to capture impactful images that stand out? Are you frustrated that your images come out sub-stellar no matter what camera you use?

Here’s the secret: no amount of gear, no top-of-the-line camera will help you make better images if you don’t shift your mindset about what a camera is and what a photograph is.

Join me on the PhotoMojo 2024 Jane’s Walk + CONTACT Photo Festivals Walkshop and find out the mindset shifts that will get you shooting better photos, even if you’re only using your phone camera.

What’s in Store:
Visiting CONTACT Photography Festival public exhibits to look at images and maybe meet some exhibiting photographers, maybe have a canapé and bubbly water if we stumble into an opening.
Learning to see photographs and think about photographs so you can make better photographs.
Take part in exercises to change how you see through your camera.
A breezy introduction to the first two stages of a photographer’s journey from Seeing Street to Foundation Footpath (and a brief mention of Mastery Mall).
Elevate your photos with newfound visual storytelling techniques with everyday subjects.
Experience the difference some key practical tips will make in your photography in just under 2 hours.
Connect with fellow shutterbugs to share tips, tricks, and favourite shooting locations — great conversations with other photographers are the best part of this walkshop.
A postcard gift showing the map of a photographer’s visual storymaking journey.
Last stop at a local coffee shop for refreshment and continuing discussions. (If you don’t schedule anything right after, I’m happy to stay and chat about all things photography!)

What’s NOT in Store:
No boring discussion about exposure triangles and other technical jargon.
No insisting that you need to shoot manual mode to make great photos.
No tedious 30-min lecture like last year (haha, sorry about that to last year’s participants! I won’t do that again!).

Details: I’ll be wearing neon orange glasses.

Walk Start:

Upper Jarvis — 575 Sherbourne St (N side of Shopper’s Drug Mart in the parkette), 2 blocks south of Sherbourne Station on the east side.

Downtown—Library Coffee Shop, 281 Dundas W @ University Ave.

Walk End:

Date: May 5

11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.




Arts and Culture, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, People and Communities.


Uneven terrain, Stairs or other barriers, Fast-paced walk, Busy sidewalks, Indoor stops.

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