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User Experience (UX) Design - Oakwood Village

Lorenzo Mele

Using a community based and experiential design approach that puts people and their needs first - we will demonstrate the use of the 'Walking Audit' to carry out an unbiased examination and evaluation of the active transportation environment.

Oakwood Village is part of the City of Toronto - Neighbourhood Streets Program and we will work with participants to gain valuable user insights into existing and planned active transportation networks and designs. By carrying out a Walking Audit in Oakwood Village our aim is to identify improvements and enhancements related to user safety, access and comfort and to make walking a safe, healthy and joyful experience for all!

Details: The person wearing a Yellow Hat.

Walk Start:

Oakwood and Vaughan - South Corner.

Oakwood Village Library - Oakwood and Holland Park Ave.

Walk End:

Date: May 5

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.


English, Italian


Advocacy and Politics, Architecture and Urban Planning, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, Transit and Accessibility, User Experience (UX) Design and Walking Audit for pedestrian facilities.


Uneven terrain, Breaks encouraged, Dog-friendly walk, Family-friendly walk.

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