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Heart of the City

Celia Beketa and Wesley Reibelingy Reibeling

In this walk, participants from around the world will use photography to share their unique stories of finding the heart of their respective city. If the city were a living organism, where would its heart be? Is it a place of refuge amid the chaos of the city? The cultural epicentre that pumps lifeblood through the city’s arteries? In this walk, we hope to transcend geographical borders by sharing urban photo-based souvenirs of the places in our cities that bring us a sense of belonging, energy, or vitality. While this walk will be listed on the festival homepages of Vienna (Austria), NYC (USA), Toronto (Canada), and London (UK), anybody anywhere is welcome to join. We only ask that you share a photo with us that to you shows the heart of the city you are in, as well as a brief description. You can submit your photo and description at the link provided. Then, on Sunday May 12th at 1:00 pm EST / 6:00 pm GMT, we will host a virtual call for people to share their photos and their stories. You are still welcome to join the call even if you didn’t submit a photo! We will have a conversation on what it means to find or feel the heart of the city, using the photos and stories from those from at least two different cities across the globe as a starting point.

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Duration: 1 hour

Theme:Arts and Culture, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, People and Communities.

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