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Into the Belly of the Beast: A Toxic Tour of Toronto's Financial District.

The Mining Injustice Solidarity Network

48% of financing for mining companies worldwide occurs on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX and TSXV), with more than 60 of those companies headquartered in Canada. This tour aims to untangle the secret webs of power and money that connect Toronto to some of the most harmful and toxic mining and extractive projects around the world. On this tour, you will explore: · What goes on in those shiny skyscrapers on Bay Street · The Toronto Stock Exchange – what happens there and why it is the best place on earth to raise capital for extractive projects · The headquarters of some of the world’s biggest corporate villains · The sites of inspiring direct actions and other forms of resistance – where and how folks are fighting back! · The connections that exist between big money and investment and controversial industrial projects all over the world By the end of this tour, we hope you will have a stronger understanding of how Toronto serves the whims of the mining industry on a daily basis and enables ongoing colonization, violence, environmental destruction and a profit over people ethos.

Duration: 90 min.

Theme:Advocacy and Politics, Environment and Sustainability, History and Places, Political Economy

Uneven terrain, Breaks encouraged, Busy sidewalks, Dog-friendly walk, Walk content may be triggering.

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