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The First Song is the Deepest Volume 3

Zahra Ebrahim and Wesley Reibeling

This walk highlights unique vignettes from storytellers around the world, sharing a memory of a place in a city, and a song connected to that place. In this walk, we hope to share some personal souvenirs of our urban lives and supplement our own integral histories and experiences with a musical experience. This audiocast is meant to accompany Jane’s Walkers who may not have time to get out to a scheduled walk but want to feel connected to their fellow urban dwellers, even as they journey solo around the city.


To accompany this audiocast, we’ve created a Spotify playlist that showcases the diverse songs shared by this year’s storytellers:

If you happen to enjoy Volume 3, feel free to check out the two previous installments of First Song is the Deepest here alongside the past accompanying Spotify playlists:

Duration: 55 min.

Arts and Culture, Lived experiences and personal perspectives, People and Communities, Cities, Music, connection, nostalgia, psychogeography.

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